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7 Reasons to Love Modular Automation

Life at Modular Automation For more than 35 years, Modular Automation’s highly talented team have been creating innovative automation solutions for the worlds leading medical…

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Danijel Rogina

Meet Danijel Rogina, Electrical Engineering Team Lead at Modular Automation. Danijel joined Modular in 2014. Since then, he has progressed his career to team lead…

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What to Look for in Your Equipment Contract Manufacturer

Searching for a manufacturing partner to build your prototype or mature equipment design can be a daunting task. High Potential Start Ups (HPSUs) and larger…

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5 Advantages of Automating Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical devices are specialised and often highly engineered products that must be produced to strict health and safety regulations while delivering an acceptable return on…

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3 Key Benefits of Outsourcing to a Build to Print Specialist

A typical Build to Print (BTP) project involves replicating an existing piece of equipment, usually a once-off copy or a discrete number of individual machines….

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Proof of Principle: De-risking Complex Automation Concepts

Developing custom automation solutions to advanced, complex manufacturing challenges is a process that takes substantial talent, innovation, and a healthy appetite for risk. For these…

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The Importance of a Robust Quality System in Equipment Contract Manufacturing

Product quality is a key concern for every Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), not least those in the MedTech sector where any defects can have life…

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10 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Build to an Equipment Contract Manufacturer (ECM)

There are many advantages to outsourcing the manufacture of your equipment to an experienced Contract Manufacturer. For example, many companies and start-ups can find it…

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When is the Right Time to Involve an Equipment Contract Manufacturer?

If you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) looking to scale the production of your product, utilising the services of an Equipment Contract Manufacturer (ECM) offers…

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Improve your Product by Outsourcing to an Experienced ECM

Whether your design is in its infancy or you are looking to upgrade a mature product, outsourcing production to an Equipment Contract Manufacturer (ECM) can…

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Build To Print vs Equipment Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing the manufacture of your medical equipment or machinery can reap huge rewards – reducing time to market; increasing production volumes; and improving equipment performance….

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Equipment to a Contract Manufacturer

Determining the best process for manufacturing your equipment or machines in volume can be seamless process if you work with an experienced Equipment Contract Manufacturer…

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Modular Automation: Your Strategic Partner for Equipment Contract Manufacturing

Why use an Equipment Contract Manufacturer? When you need to scale your production capability, or build your equipment in volume and at speed, working with…

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