Systems Integration

Tier 1 partner to the world’s leading medtech manufacturers.

We operate as a close, trusted, automation partner to the world’s leading MedTech manufacturers, building complete, custom, automation solutions, large and small.

As a Tier 1 supplier, we’re responsible for the full delivery of a project, including planning, designing, building, and the selection and management of all vendors. Managing the integration of equipment, safety, controls, data, and more. Pulling all the strands together from start to finish, managing the risks and delivering an automation solution that fits the needs of the customer. And we’re vendor independent, so we can assess the merits of potential vendors based on the individual applications.

Successfully integrated systems include laser marking, micro dosing systems, heat sealing, laser welding, vacuum decay testing, plasma coating and grit blasting, molding, warehousing, and more.

How we do it

  1. Understand the needs
    We collaborate with our customers to get a deep understanding of their needs. This helps to guide key aspects of the project, such as vendor selection.
  2. Design the interface
    We design the full systems architecture and the controls interface between the different vendors.
  3. Build the system
    We work with our partner vendors to de-risk projects before final integration at customer site. Using virtual PLC and server systems, remote and virtual FAT and integration testing, we solve technical challenges before equipment is delivered to the customer site, minimising on-site deployment time and effort.
  4. Full & final integration
    We oversee the full and final integration of the project, testing and checking to ensure all is working as intended.
  5. CE Certification and documentation
    We work directly with the vendors to help them meet the standards necessary for CE certification. Comprehensive documentation is developed, backed by our experience in the heavily regulated MedTech manufacturing space.

Automated Laser Welding

The Modular team recently integrated the Trumpf TruPulse 203 Laser Welder into our custom designed automated robotic system for one of our MedTech customers.

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