Robot Integration

The right robot for each application.

We’re at the forefront of robot integration, collaborating closely with our customers to select the right robot for their unique application.

Integrating both large and small-scale robots across every function of manufacturing, the range of highly advanced, innovative, smart robots we integrate include 6 Axis industrial robots (.5kg to 150kg capacity), high speed and precision SCARA and Cobots.

Using the latest in simulation software, we work closely with our customers, delivering integrations that meet their specific needs, matching a robot’s unique ability to the required application. The software allows us to virtually assess the movement and positioning of the robot, ensuring its output is maximised and that it functions under the least amount of stress possible, optimising its lifespan and delivering a lower cost of ownership.

Our highly experienced team have successfully delivered projects across a wide range of applications including assembly, material handling, palletising, picking & packaging, vision inspection, welding, high-speed pick and place, machine tending, part transfer, gluing and bonding, polishing and deburring.

Robot manufacturers we work with include:

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