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Medical Devices

Moving Automation Forward

In 2012 a longtime automation customer approached Modular with a challenge: they wanted to increase production output of their primary product by 30% and cut the footprint of the machine in half. Given that the product is highly specialised, with varying…

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Medical Devices

A Better Build to Print

In 2016, a long-standing customer and renowned multinational leader in medical device solutions approached Modular to replicate several machines. In medical devices the quality of the equipment is critical, our customers require a partner who is experienced in building to the highest quality standard.

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Medical Technology

The Proof of Principle (PoP)

Modular are at their best when developing complex custom solutions to advanced manufacturing challenges—a process that takes substantial talent, precision skills and a healthy appetite for…

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Insight & Innovation

The Innovation Group at Modular have more than 30 years of
experience in advancing production through automation.

Trumpf Tru Pulse 203 Laser

We are continuously innovating to grow our technological capabilities for our customers. We are excited to be integrating The Trumpf Tru Pulse 203 Laser Welder…

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Meca500 Industrial Robot

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Mecademic to become a key distributor of the Meca500 robot in Ireland. As the smallest and most precise…

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AIV – Under The Microscope

At Modular, our engineers are always hungry to test out the very latest technologies. One that’s just arrived at Modular HQ is an Autonomous Intelligent…

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New Technology Demo Cell

Featuring several exciting new technologies, our Demo Cell is on display now on our factory floor. As a fun way to explore emerging technologies, the…

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