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What to Look for in Your Equipment Contract Manufacturer

Searching for a manufacturing partner to build your prototype or mature equipment design can be a daunting task. High Potential Start Ups (HPSUs) and larger companies alike often find it difficult to manufacture their product/equipment in-house due to limited resources or lack of specialist manufacturing expertise. Equipment Contract Manufacturing (ECM) offers a solution where you can simply hand over the drawings and relevant documentation to an experienced manufacturer to build your equipment from start to finish. Your dedicated ECM will bring their own experience and expertise to your project, improving the output so that you can focus on further innovation, research, and growth for your business.

Finding practical advice on what to look out for when choosing a manufacturing partner can be difficult, and so to help we have detailed some of the essential factors you’ll want to consider when choosing an Equipment Contract Manufacturer in the infographic below:

a short infographic detailing what to look for in your equipment contract manufacturing partner


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