Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)

Increase throughput with a flexible, quicker, more reliable system.

Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) is an intelligent conveyor system that uses moving magnetic fields controlled electronically to move vehicles on a guided rail and stop accurately without the need of mechanical assistance. Perfect for processes that demand high-precision, high-speed repeatability.

Our engineers have developed our own unique vehicles (pallets and running gear) and tracks currently being used in high-speed, high-volume, large-scale medical device manufacturing lines requiring a high-level of track and trace capability. A super-flexible solution, each vehicle moves independently, and is fully configurable and programmable to process, assembly and size variations. With systems based on establishing and maintaining vehicle position, track and trace records are easily created, helping our customers to streamline their validation and compliance.

These independent vehicles have far fewer moving parts than conventional fixed systems, meaning greater efficiency, reduced energy usage & maintenance costs, and less noise. In addition, fewer parts mean less dust, debris and oil residue, making our LSM vehicles an ideal solution for clean room and super hygienic environments.

A flexible, high-speed solution, already proven in high-volume medical device manufacturing lines globally.


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