Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

A flexible, scalable solution for ‘lights-out’ manufacturing.

A flexible, safe and scalable solution, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) allow for the accurate and fast movement of material from point-to-point, helping to drive true ‘lights-out’ manufacturing.

Our engineers have developed a fully automated load / unload station that integrates AMRs as the transport layer. The AMRs use laser sensing technology to guide their path, with built-in obstacle detection preventing potentially dangerous unplanned contact. Coupled with industrial robots, the station powers highly intelligent, automated manufacturing lines that can be scaled quickly and easily, and react to predicted and unpredicted production demands.

The load / unload stations are proven to seamlessly integrate with discrete OEM equipment such as grit blasting, wet blasting, plasma coating and more.


Autonomous Machine Tending

We’re combining industrial robots with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) as a transport layer to create a fully automated machine tending solution.

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