Automation solutions

Fuel progress

Our purpose is to enable the world’s leading medtech companies manufacture sophisticated, ultra-high quality, life-changing products, at scale. Leveraging the power of automation to fuel innovation, productivity, efficiencies and progress.

To always, always deliver

The right solution. Working perfectly. Totally reliable. Every time. In 35+ years we have never failed a customer. No matter how difficult, no matter how complex, we always, always deliver.

Everything is possible

Automation is not easy, there will always be set backs and tough challenges, but with grit and determination you make the breakthroughs, overcome the obstacles, go all the way, and deliver. With the right team, passion, and unshakable perseverance, we believe everything is possible.

How we do it.

Collaboration & Perseverance

Deliver together.

True collaboration delivers

Our team of 170+ engineers have the commitment, passion and capability to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s most sophisticated medtech manufactures. Helping to guide, and realise, their ideal automation journey. Open, honest and respectful, even under the most challenging of circumstances. One team exploring the possibilities, overcoming the challenges and delivering brilliant solutions.

Perseverance delivers

Whether we’re building a large or small automation solution, rolling out a built-to-print project or making some line upgrades – our promise remains the same – to always, always deliver. With the right team, passion and unshakable perseverance, we believe everything is possible.

They really do always stick with it, they do always deliver.

Other companies throw in the towel. With Modular, they always see it through.
Senior Engineer, Leading Orthopaedics Manufacturer


170+ passionate, dedicated engineers.


1 team – yours and ours – working as one.


8,000+ projects successfully delivered.

Innovation & Ingenuity

Driving your competitive advantage.

Curiosity to sharpen the saw

We are an engineering technology company – leveraging ingenuity, the very latest technologies, and great engineering to develop advanced machines. Curiosity is where it begins – asking, examining, listening, questioning, exploring, testing – it’s our responsibility to challenge how things are done, to break new ground, to deliver sustained innovation and sharpen your competitive edge.

Crack the hard nuts first

Every project has its key challenges, we believe in cracking those nuts first. Our Proof-of-Principle (PoP) methodology identifies potential risks early in the scoping and concept stage of a project. Risks are isolated and mitigated through additional R&D, PoP studies and reduced-scale trials, so we enter full-scale development with confidence.

Modular go above and beyond.

From an innovation standpoint, they’re great, always bringing ideas to the table and really taking the initiative.
Project Manager, Leading Orthopaedics Manufacturer

Experience & Expertise

Medtech specialist.

Helping bring big ideas to life

We help some of the world’s most innovative medtech companies advance their manufacturing capabilities. The expertise, ingenuity and engineering to help them bring big ideas to life and deliver pioneer breakthroughs. We understand and meet the needs, and stringent standards, of these international leaders.

Experience & Expertise In:
  • Vision Health
    Contact lenses.
  • Orthopaedic Implants
    Knee, hip, spinal and shoulder implants.
  • Orthopaedic Instruments
    Bone cutters, ultrasonic cutting and more.
  • Vascular & Cardiology
    Stent delivery systems, balloon catheters, ablation catheter.
  • Respiratory
    Nebulizer components.
  • Renal Therapy
    Ablation catheter
  • Surgery
    Microdissection needles, salient filters and more.

Automation in regulated environments

We have experience of automation protocols for regulated environments including equipment for clean rooms (ISO class 7 & 8), ATEX & High Temperature Environments 200°C+​ and sealed nitrogen environments. Computer System Validation (CSV) in compliance with the current GEP/GMP regulations. Modular’s qualification approach is in line with GAMP requirements and our Software Development Life Cycle model (V-model).

Recognising our commitment to improvement and delivering machines of outstanding quality.

Quality & Scale

The precision
and scale to deliver.

Sophisticated machines of outstanding build quality

Our machines are designed and built to be incredibly reliable and durable. Reducing cost of ownership and underpinning long-term, low cost, advanced manufacturing. Over the past two decades we’ve helped one of the world’s leading vision care companies develop some of the most automated plants in the industry. Precision engineered machines, operating 24/7/365, delivering >99% OEE.

12,000+ machines in operation today.
Delivering >99% OEE.
ISO9001 accredited.
Awarded Deloitte Best Managed Company

The facility and scale to make it happen

We are 170+ engineers operating from three advanced facilities with 100K sq. ft. of production space, located in the mid-west of Ireland, at the centre of a dynamic medtech manufacturing cluster. We have the capability and scale to deliver the largest, most complex projects, and support global roll-outs. As well as deliver extensive build-to-print projects. We’re a five minute drive from Shannon international airport, and two hours from Dublin.

Awarded the Best Managed Company accolade by Deloitte 9 years in a row.

The impact

Quicker, faster, safer manufacturing.

We help our customers increase output, reduce costs, deliver on innovation, increase efficiency, increase scalability, improve quality, improve machine reliability, as well as improve documentation and traceability.

  • Increase output.
    More speed and efficiency with faster, better, smarter machines.
  • Make more advanced products.
    Make the impossible, possible, with more advanced machines.
  • Increase quality.
    Advance tolerances, finishes and consistency with more precise manufacturing.
  • Reduce costs.
    Reducing headcount, increasing efficiency, increasing throughput, reducing energy requirements. Lower total cost of machine ownership.
  • Reduce space requirements.
    Reduce footprints and maximise use of space.
  • Reduce waste.
    Reduce the errors that lead to product waste.
  • Deliver safer manufacturing.
    Protect employees.
  • Satisfy greater compliance and traceability requirements.

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