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Modular Automation: Your Strategic Partner for Equipment Contract Manufacturing

Why use an Equipment Contract Manufacturer?

When you need to scale your production capability, or build your equipment in volume and at speed, working with an Equipment Contract Manufacturer such as Modular Automation means you will benefit from the knowledge of an experienced team of engineering specialists building your equipment to the highest quality standards.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often outsource the build of their machinery, equipment, and instrumentation so they can focus on areas of their business such as R&D, innovation, and business growth.

Over the past 35 years Modular Automation have built their reputation delivering innovative, bespoke solutions in the highly regulated medtech industry. Customers return time and again because Modular also carry out build to print and equipment contract manufacturing projects to the same industry leading standards.


“We are very impressed with Modular’s performance. The team continue to demonstrate excellent technical capability, an agile and comprehensive approach to issues and challenges, and an ability to manage and communicate project plans effectively.”

Engineering Director, Multinational Leader in Medical Device Solutions


What to look for in an ECM partner?

When choosing an Equipment Contract Manufacturer to partner with, you need the reassurance that they have the capacity and scale to meet your needs. Their team will be solution-driven and offer value engineering that sets them apart.

The right contract manufacturing partner will also have an extensive, well sourced supply chain, and experienced team to deliver your equipment to the highest quality and on time, exactly when you need it.

When you work with Modular Automation, you can trust that you will have:

  • A team of experienced, passionate engineers capable of enhancing the functionality of your equipment.
  • A structured project delivery so you can track every step of the way.
  • The scale & capacity to deliver high-volume manufacturing projects.
  • A high-quality, well-sourced supply chain for partners, suppliers and vendors.
  • Every part fully documented for future reference, fully traceable.
  • Safeguard of your confidential information and intellectual property.
  • Total management of obsolescence and necessary upgrades.
  • Uncompromising quality and comprehensive documentation for every machine including CE compliance.
  • After sales service & support

Why choose Modular as your Equipment Contract Manufacturer or Build to Print partner?

At Modular Automation, we position your needs and concerns first. We will listen and respond in a timely and effective manner, so you always know where your project stands.

Our structured project delivery allows you to track every step of the way. Dedicated project managers organise and oversee all aspects of your project and communicate progress back to you on a weekly basis.

With more than 100K sq. ft. of modern floor space which includes a 30K sq. ft. facility dedicated to building equipment in volume. Our expert team of design engineers can enhance the functionality of your equipment, reduce costs through value engineering and replace obsolete parts.

The material that goes into every machine is of the highest quality from local and global suppliers, and all our machines are built to ISO9001:2015 for outstanding quality and reliability with all regulatory requirements, including CE compliance.

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