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You can’t test drive an automation solution, so your customer has to be able to trust that you will deliver. That’s why we hold ourselves to the commitment of always, always delivering.
— Martin Dolan, Chief Business Development Officer
Martin Dolan, Chief Business Development Officer


Proof of Principle

“Everywhere there’s a risk, we put our arms around it. We ask ‘how can we de-risk it?’”, Martin Dolan, Chief Business Development Officer. Our pioneering Proof of Principle methodology identifies potential risks early in the scoping and concept stage of a project. Risks are isolated and mitigated through additional R&D, PoP studies and reduced-scale trials, so we enter full-scale development with confidence.  To find out more about our Proof of Principle methodology, read our case study.

Toolmaking DNA

With a top-down history of award-winning toolmaking, precision is in our DNA. While we embrace the latest design technology, our problem-solving capabilities are grounded in the physical world, which enables us to craft exact, excellent tools that perform to perfection.

Rigorous Documentation

Comprehensive documentation of a machine’s performance capabilities and operational requirements are as much a part of the solution as the machine itself. We provide both technical and GAMP documentation to ensure our customer has everything they need.

Software Integration

We specialise in the seamless integration of the latest automation engineering technology with highly efficient, bespoke software solutions. Our expert, in-house software development team excels at creating purpose-built software for highly challenging and technical applications.

Modular can take on the complex projects.

Where there is an unknown, that is totally their space. They have a great commitment and deep expertise. They think solution first and take a long-term view, then deliver an excellent build quality. Everything does what it’s supposed to do.
- Senior Engineer at a leading medical technology company


  • OEM Machine Integration
  • Automation in Controlled Environments
  • Medical Device Automation
  • Electromagnetic Transport Systems / LSM®™ Technology Transport Systems
  • Automated Pad Printing
  • Moulding Pick & Place
  • Robot Machine Tending Solutions
  • Robot-Integrated Vision
  • Build-to-Print Manufacturing
  • Cable Harness Assembly
  • Process Automation
  • High Precision/Speed Integration
  • Orthopaedic Manufacturing Automation
  • High-Speed, High-Precision CAM Assembly
  • Medical Device Assembly
  • Automation for Orthopaedic Manufacturing
  • Robot Palletizing Applications
  • Laser Welding, Automated Laser Marking, Laser Integration
  • Foundry Automation
  • Systems Integration
  • Bespoke Automation
  • Robot Integration
  • Heat Sealing
  • Automated LED UV Curing
  • Automated Coiling & RF Welding of Medical Tubes
  • Automated Punch & Die systems
  • Automated X-Ray Inspection
expert staff

Modular are hugely innovative automation integrators.

Whatever’s in my head, they conceptualise in 3D models. They’re very innovative with mechanical design, and they build reliable, robust machines that work. We have a very strong partnership: they understand our requirements, and I trust them.
- Principal Engineer at a leading lens manufacturer

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