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Envetec Sustainable Technologies – ECM Testimonial

Malcolm Bell, Chair and CEO of Envetec Sustainable Technologies talks about how Modular Automation is helping them improve their product performance and build their instrument in volume as they prepare to scale their business.

Envetec based in Tipperary, Ireland is a cleantech start-up with a validated technology which treats and eradicates biohazardous laboratory waste and material. Designed to help laboratories phase out unsustainable methods of disposing of biohazardous waste, their technology shreds and disinfects infectious waste & materials directly at the source, which can be recycled.


Modular Automation – Your Equipment Contract Manufacturing Partner

Whether you’re looking for a once-off Build-to-Print, or to outsource the ongoing manufacture of your equipment, Modular Automation offers extensive manufacturing expertise and scalability to suit your needs.

We’re built to support our customers with 100K sq. ft. of modern floor space including a purpose-built logistics centre and a 30K sq. ft. facility dedicated to building equipment in volume. Our design team can enhance the functionality of the machine, replace obsolete parts and through our supply chain we can reduce costs. All machines are built to ISO9001:2015 standards and to meet CE compliance.

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Equipment Contract Manufacturing (ECM)


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