Proof of Principle

How We Do It?

  • Close collaboration

    Our team will develop an intimate knowledge of the product, materials, processes and application giving us a deep understanding of your full process and unique needs. Close collaboration gives us the flexibility to work through unforeseen challenges and changes.

  • Innovation that creates value

    Our commitment to innovate and use the latest, most advanced technologies has allowed us to take on the complex, challenging automation projects. While assessing every step of your current manufacturing process to identify potential risks, our engineers are aware of the latest innovative technologies that will advance and grow your capability.

  • The right idea, costed accurately

    Our PoP process ensures that your project will follow a clearly defined scope and process before commencing. This leads to a clear understanding of the risks to be minimised improving the planning of equipment, resources and deadlines.

PoP Process

Our step-by-step approach enables us to identify potential project risks and determine the feasibility of automated solutions. When there is an unknown, our PoP process gives us the confidence that we’ll find the right solution.

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The Proof of Principle (PoP)

Modular are at their best when developing complex custom solutions to advanced manufacturing challenges—a process that takes substantial talent, precision skills and a healthy appetite for…

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